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Roztocze is one of the last regions of its type – a place where nature has remained preserved in its original, untouched form. It is in this region of Southeast Poland, buried deep within the forests and protected by nature, that the source of our water is hidden.
The wild nature of Roztocze is the inspiration for our brand. Our brand icon, the She-Wolf, is a native inhabitant of Roztocze’s forests and the guardian of our water. Strong and resolute, she protects our source as she does her family.
The characteristics of our heroine are reflected in the actions of our company on an everyday basis and in the creation of a brand that is responsible, committed and caring in every aspect.
Our water is bottled at the source and not enhanced in anyway. In exchange for this, as a company, it is important to us that we give back to nature something more than just thanks. Presently, we package our still water in rPET bottles made from 25-50% recycled material. Our plan for the future is to extend this method of production to all of our products and to continue to further develop in the direction of ecological solutions.