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The aquifer from which we draw our water is situated in such a way that it is naturally elevated approximately 20-40 meters away from surrounding areas. This is the result of the natural movement of tectonic faults in the region and it guarantees that our aquifer is protected from neighbouring lands and any potential pollution.

What is more, our aquifer is not only hidden deep underground, but it is also protected beneath a layer of insulating rocks. This allows Rodowita to be naturally free from contamination and ensures its natural purity.

As water passes through layers of rocks, it is refined and enriched with valuable minerals that are vital to human health. This is what gives Rodowita its unique mineral composition and remarkably refreshing taste.

The land of the Roztocze region combined with the extraordinary geological makeup, depth and protective layer of our aquifer, are a unique combination that lead to the exceptional purity, taste and mineral composition of Rodowita z Roztocza.